About Us

Benjamin Everson is a singer, instrumentalist and songwriter from Midland, Michigan. His clear, melodic voice is his defining characteristic, as is the smooth blend of his one-man a cappella works. Ben plays multiple instruments, including piano, trumpet, tuba, and saxophone. His love for a cappella music began when as a 5 year old, he learned to ping-pong his voice between cassette taperecorders in the early 80's.  Ben won numerous vocal contests throughout mid-Michigan and formed several all-male and mixed a cappella groups. He became an adjudicator and occasional clinician for vocal groups in the midwest in the early 2000's. 

In 2003, Ben along with his wife Amanda left teaching at a small college to travel the road full-time, singing and teaching the Bible to churches, Bible camps, and other Christian organizations. Ben is an ordained independent Baptist preacher. He continues to compose and record music, much of which is a cappella.

Amanda Hendricks Everson grew up much of her life as the oldest of 7 children on the mission field of central Mexico.  She has been singing in churches since she was a young child.  Amanda has a rich alto voice, and traveled on a singing group for a Bible college in northeast Wisconsin.  She is from the southern United States, and speaks Spanish fluently.  She has also begun to pen songs of her own in addition to her singing.

Lauri Lou Jones is a talented lyricist and creative writer from Nova Scotia, Canada. She also is a gifted teacher and music composer. She graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a B.S. in English Education and M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction with English Specialization. She also possesses a melodic soprano voice and records vocals from her remote studio in the Maritimes. Lauri Lou joined Ben Everson Music in November of 2013.

We list Ben's dad Dr. Dana F. Everson here because of his input into our music. He is a saxophonist, pianist, arranger, teacher, and music educator based in mid-Michigan. He has quietly been one of mid-Michigan's outstanding saxophonists since the late 1970's. He has over 400 published works. You can visit his blog here. You will find numerous musical products here that feature his musicianship, including arrangements, saxophone, brass, and piano.