CD: I Am Free

Featuring nearly 50 minutes of music, I AM FREE is evenly split between his trademark a cappella pieces and new symphonic music. It also includes one soprano saxophone arrangement of Surrender.

  1. I Am Free - full orchestral anthem written by Amanda Everson
  2. I Was the Thorn - a cappella, new worship hymn
  3. Blueprints - piano, flute, bassoon contemplative testimonial
  4. Time Well Spent - a cappella, written by Lauri Lou Jones
  5. It's Your Turn - full orchestral anthem with special dedication including the Trent Fruetel family
  6. Surrender - soprano saxophone solo with orchestration
  7. Praise Him Praise Him - a cappella
  8. Trust Your Every Word - piano, french horn 
  9. Wind of the Spirit - a cappella
  10. Don't You Fear - full orchestral anthem dedicated to the Colan Deatheridge family
  11. How Great Thou Art - a cappella
  12. Yo Orarè - Spanish version of I'll Pray Again
  13. Lord I'm Coming Home - piano, oboe, violin accompaniment to hymn





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