Foundations for Sweeter Singing Video Course HD

I want to help you sing better!

Download my video vocal coaching course right now and learn the secrets to how I sing!

Authentic. Real. No slick tricks.

I've designed this video course as though I had the opportunity to work with you as an individual. I talk with you and explain to you the entire process I use to sing.

There are a million different voice methods out there. Some of them work. Many don't. Others even cause damage to your voice. My SWEETER SINGING method is designed to be light and healthy, taking a solid voice to the next level and restoring a damaged one.

I know my method works because I've used it for over 20 years, singing over 6000 performances and recording 15 albums. I've also refined what I've learned since 2015 when I was threatened with permanent voice loss after acid reflux damage. The main principles I learned to help me come back from voice loss are included in this course.

I share all of this with you! There are 16 different videos, a 38-page detailed book, and mp3 audio files.

"[I had] been needing some vocal coaching for a while! Singing every night, I have formed some bad habits but was not sure how to fix them! (Actually, have been praying that somehow I would run into a teacher or someone who could help me.) Even just the few hours with Ben and his wife were so helpful! I noticed immediate changes and progress and so did my husband! Also, I know one of the singers on our music team also got some time with Ben. He was also helped greatly. Thanks again!!

-- Christy Galkin, Galkin Evangelistic Team