CD: Guide Me

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Dr. Dana Everson has quietly been one of mid-Michigan's outstanding saxophonists since the late 1970's. He has arranged every song on this album

Very classy and clever at the same time, bringing a new "spark" to the "old hymns" that are so significant to the church.

14 selections are on this CD.  This is a saxophone sound as sweet and melodic as it comes! 

"Through the years I've become more familiar with Dana Everson and have had utmost respect for him and his music. So it was a great privilege to get a sneak preview of his new recording "Guide Me." Recently, I have grown to appreciate Christ-honoring saxophone music, and this recording is a welcome addition to my collection. What a blessing to hear beautiful arrangements of familiar songs performed by a master musician. This recording, played with heart and skill, greatly encourages, uplifts and challenges the listener."

Mary Lynn Van Gelderen, Revival Focus Ministries


"A masterful job of arranging and performing some of our classic hymns of the faith. The saxophone playing is wonderful, the arrangements are distinctive, and this set of recordings brings a freshness to the old hymns. It's truly a welcome addition to any Christian home or church body."

Jim Huber, Coordinator of Music (retired), Midland Public Schools, Midland, MI



"This CD is put together wonderfully.  There is such a nice blend with the sax and other instruments, it just adds to the overall sound of the CD.  We could sit and listen to this for many hours.  Each song is played with emotion, and having all these classic hymns on this compilation is such a special blessing.  We have no problem playing it loud and singing along! We can't help but praise God for the talent He has given to Dr. Everson.  Well done."

Sandy and Sarah Shipley, church & university ministry in Saskatchawan, CA

"I really enjoyed this album. The smooth flow of “Guide Me” stands as a reminder that I need to let God guide me in my everyday life. The relaxing music and familiar tunes bring me to an attitude of prayer, while the unique sound of the saxophone provokes thought. As a whole, it’s simply refreshing."
Mark Van Unen, Mark Van Unen Music of Midland, MI