Principles of Worship & Music - 5 MP3 Sessions

Here is a five-part series designed to walk the interested believer through the application of biblical principles to the issue of music and worship.  Although the worship wars are raging on multiple fronts in the Western world, I want to show that it really isn't so much a war between traditionalists and contemporaries. It is a battle over the validity of Scripture to give us principles by which we live.

I have presented this material in a variety of formats, including series of special meetings in churches, Bible conferences, teachers conventions, and one-on-one. This recording set was taken from a Sunday School series presented in a local church. 
I don't believe that everyone must be identical in how their music standards play out. There is room for believers to have differences because of taste, culture, and context. But I also believe there are basic Bible principles with which we can agree as we strive to please the Lord with our worship through music.