Today & Always MP3 Album

This is a special album dedicated to relationships. It might be the relationship of a father and daughter in the song "What Matters to Me." It could be a relationship with a loved one who has entered the trying situation of a slow disease that steals their personhood, sung about in "When They're Still Here." It could be the relationship of a husband and wife at the beginning as several others songs are about, like "To Have and Hold" or "And I'll Be There." Whether they are fun songs or songs dealing with difficult times, I hope this album will encourage you.

This album also includes all the background tracks to the music so it can be used for weddings and other events.





  1.  With the One Who Warms Your Heart
  2. Sacred Wedding Prayer
  3. When They're Still Here
  4. Come on Home
  5. And I'll Be There
  6. What Matters to Me (duet version)
  7. To Have and Hold
  8. Everything's Better with You
  9. Wedding Day Processional
  10. A Red, Red Rose
  11. With the One Who Warms Your Heart BKG (backing track, no vocals)
  12. With the One Who Warms Your Heart BKG (backing track, with vocals)
  13. Sacred Wedding Prayer BKG
  14. When They're Still Here BKG
  15. And I'll Be There BKG
  16. What Matters to Me BKG (duet version)
  17. To Have and Hold BKG
  18. Everything's Better With You BKG
  19. A Red, Red Rose BKG

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